For Those Interested In Emergency Medical Services (EMS):

Perhaps you are currently an EMT…

Uniquely, Community Volunteer Fire Department does not have a residency requirement. In other words, we don't really care where you live we welcome your interest and are anxious to discuss your participation in our department.

For that matter, we are receptive to men and women of all walks of life, color and creed.

Like many people in the greater Houston area, a lot of us went to EMT school but never had an opportunity to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired. Maybe it worked out that way for you because you live in a city were EMS service is provided some designated entity and the volunteer opportunity is non-existent.

Perhaps you are currently working for a private provider but yearn for the opportunity and excitement of providing care in the 9-1-1 arena.

Maybe you are not an EMT…

…never been to EMT school, but you think that it is something you might find emotionally rewarding. After all, you like helping others in need and always have.

We should talk …eighty-five percent of our call volume involves EMS.

Sure, the majority of our responses are to those with medical emergencies instead of serious traumatic injuries; however, given the run volume experienced weekly we consistently manage to see victims of- motor vehicle collisions, gunshot wounds, stabbings, assaults, and other types of life altering injuries.

Since the Community Volunteer Fire Department is a "combination department" our call volume Monday through Friday (6:00am to 6:00pm) is handled by part time employees who are career firefighters from municipal departments.

While our paid employees protect our citizens approximately 60 hours of each week, the other 108 hour of every week, we- the volunteers- provide EMS service.

Thus, every night of the year, every weekend, and on all major holidays volunteers protect the citizens and property of our area. Our mission statement, concisely expressed is:

"…to provide fire suppression, rescue, and EMS services" …to those within our district.

So, you like the prospects of providing EMS care but just don't see yourself as a firefighter. No problem.

Basic Requirements:
Getting started with the CVFD is easy…

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Complete application process
  • Be physically fit …to a reasonable extent.
  • No prior experience necessary - we will help you arrange training.
  • Criminal background check
  • Clear and current Texas driver's license


  • Monthly access to four hours of hand-on Continuing Education designed to help you satisfy the requirements of the Texas Department State Health Services.
  • Frequent access to CPR Training- AHA Health Care Provider Level.
  • Utilization of state of the art Emergency Medical Services equipment including five Type I ambulances licensed as BLS with MICU Capability.
  • Excellent support for the department's suppression and rescue elements as needed or requested.
  • Positive working relationship with area law enforcement agencies to better assure personal safety.
  • Worker compensation insurance will pay for medical expenses if you are injured in the line of duty.
  • Enjoy the excitement and personal satisfaction of being a part of an emergency services team. Get to do what others simply watch on television news.